Welcome to the Annual Suitability Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse allows insurance companies to obtain certificates of annuity suitability supervision
compliance from Third-Party Distributors (TPDs) with whom they have a delegated the suitability supervision
to meet the requirements of the NAIC's Suitability Model Regulation.

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Compliane & Ethics Forum for Life Insurers

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For Insurers

Insurers can enroll in the Clearinghouse here. Once you have enrolled, you will be asked to complete your company profile (notification settings, contacts and customize your list of TPD's should you choose).

For Third-Party Distributors (TPDs)

Third-Party Distributors (TPDs) can enroll in the Clearinghouse here. A TPD may be a general agency, broker dealer, bank, independent marketing organization or any distribution group that has a selling agreement with an insurance company. The Clearinghouse will enable TPDs to provide one certificate of annuity suitability supervision to insurers with whom they have a selling agreement. Upon enrolling, TPDs can customize their profile (certificate fulfillment settings, custom certificate options, fulfillment tracking and more).